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Learn more about the history of UK Inspection Systems Below.

Our Story

Below you can see a timeline showing the UK Inspection System roots.  Learn how we managed to grow to become the the top Food Industry Metal Detection, Checkweighing, X-Ray & Weighing Scales supplier in the UK

Operating from sites in Farnborough, Hampshire and Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK Inspections Systems Ltd offers foreign body detection and weighing equipment expertise, sales and engineering support to customers in the food industry.

Right from the start, the Company has seen steady growth, accumulating more and more customers as time went by, which has required more employees to manage the work.

Jul 1994
UKIS History
UK Inspection Systems Founded
Uk Inspection Systems Food Industry Safety Machines Icon

Having worked in both the food manufacturing industry as a maintenance engineer, and as an assembler and field engineer for two of the very well-known metal detection companies, our Managing Director, Roy Hammond, embarked on a business venture of his own. Working alone for a number of years, building his knowledge and experience, he finally took a leap of faith and established UK Inspection Systems as a Limited Company in July 2009

UKIS History
Working From A Rented Barn

When the Company was formed Roy was working from a rented section of a barn on a farm near Windsor, employing one other engineer, who is still with the Company today, and had twelve customers on the books.

UKIS History
Roy's Brother Joins UKIS

In 2014, Roy was joined by his brother Paul Hammond, who took on the role of Director of Operations. Paul’s career started in heavy diesel and hydraulic engineering, moving on to vehicle component manufacturing and product development, and finally moving into the public sector for 15 years before joining the Company.

UKIS History
UK Inspection Systems Acquisition

In 2017, UK Inspection Systems acquired a company that possessed manufacturing capability and expertise; although our core business was in service, we had an intense ambition to build our own products. The acquisition allowed us to push forward with our plans to become a manufacturer, which we now do from our plant in Rushden.

UKIS History
Roy The Innovator

As an innovator, Roy is always seeking out the next project which has led to a steady stream of new product or service ideas appearing on the drawing board. Some of the concepts quickly end up in the bin, some seem to have been around for years, resurfacing from time to time, and some turned out to be gems.

UKIS History
UK Inspection Systems Product Families Grow

The Company now has a range of products including the Fortis and Parvis metal detector families, the Aegis and Aegis+ check weigher and combination systems and a gamut of non-automatic weighing equipment (NAWI). All of our products are designed to take the pain out of use, maintenance and repair.

UKIS History
UK Inspection Systems Partnership With Minebea-Intec

UK Inspection Systems also has a long association as a partner with Minebea-Intec (formerly known as Sartorius), which has allowed us to offer a wider range of products to our customers. We have been supplying their Synus, Cosynus and Dymond X-ray inspection equipment successfully for the last ten years.

UKIS History
UK Inspection Systems Strive To Deliver All Round Quality

Operating an ISO9001:2015 quality management system, the Company strives to deliver a quality product and a high level of customer service and satisfaction, learning from mistakes and improving constantly.

UKIS History
Enlisted To Assist One Of The Major Retailers

Well known for our expertise and rigour when it comes to food safety, UK Inspection Systems provides on-site consultancy service for foreign body detection and weighing and has been called upon to carry out a number of high-profile investigations into serious contamination incidents. Our expertise was also enlisted to assist one of the major retailers with writing their most recent Foreign Body Prevention Code of Practice.

UKIS History
UK Inspection Systems Today

Today, the Company is located at sites in Farnborough and Rushden with 17 employees and just short of 500 customers on the books. Farnborough houses the Head office management team, sales & marketing and service teams, Training Academy and showroom, while Rushden accommodates the manufacturing operation and spare parts team.

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